Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's Super Couple!

T'was the night before our retrieval and we were nervous, excited, and booming with positive vibes. It is best we narrate this story through our eyes...

5:30 am we spring (more Candace than Chris) out of bed, jump in our phone booths spin around a few times and POOF! We have matching Super-hero baby makin' socks (with attached capes as if you had any doubts).

Our super-socks had us ready for a successful retrieval on every level! Chris even donned his "Think Positive" boxer shorts. They would guarantee that his uhhemm, deposit, would be the best ever. With puffed out chests, we headed towards our fertility clinic.

We weren't going to the fertility clinic unarmed though. We had a secret weapon ... cupcakes. Every body loves cupcakes! So the night before retrieval we made cupcakes for the entire staff at our clinic as a "thank you" for all they do for us.

For those not interested in the homemade red velvet cupcakes, we knew they would succumb to our delicious pina colada cupcakes. Muah ha ha!

The dynamic duo of cupcake deliciousness! We figured that since all of the staff works so hard, they need a vacation, at least for their taste buds.

Two boxes, one for the upstairs crew and one for the downstairs folks. The upstairs folks are the ones that do the retrieval/transfer and embryo nursery type activities. The downstairs gang wield the ultrasound wand, take blood, and do all of the planning for the IVF process. It is a building full of heroes!

Our area of the fertility clinic was buzzing with positivity. Although, it could have been a sugar rush from the cupcakes. Either way, with super-socks on, we were ready.

It was a picturesque day ... sun was shining ... birds chirping ... Candace more than ready to start walking normal again. She had been waddling for a few days and was looking forward to having these awesome follicles retrieved.

Then the IV needle came. But, with her super-socks on, Candace did not bat an eye. It may have had something to do with the EMLA cream, topical anesthetic, that we put on her hand about a hour before she got the IV. Either way, it was super-hero behavior for sure!

Since we were the last to go that day, we contributed to the nurses' distractions by showing off our super-socks. Some of the downstairs team came upstairs for hugs and good luck wishes.

Here, one of the upstairs team is demonstrating two things. First, she is showing the true passion that the folks at the Jones have towards their patients. They truly nurture positivity and foster an environment of hope. Second, she is demonstrating the proper way for Chris to protect his goatee in case a diabolical razor went on a rampage. Thank goodness for the demonstration!

So, Candace does not like this picture. This is after retrieval. But, here is the face of someone that successfully had 14 eggs retrieved! Beautiful right? We did not have any worries though. The embryologists rock and we made sure they knew it. We gave them a magnet and cupcakes. These troopers are behind the scenes and have an incredibly important job. They are the guardians of our progeny. Make sure to read our embies bedtime stories.


The staff filled us with colorful stories and we talked about the food we were going to eat to pass the time until Candace could be released.

Candace, eggs retrieved ... Chris, deposit made ... now we wait to hear how many of the Chris bits played nicely with the Candace bits in the great sandbox of life. We swore we heard some Barry White playing as we left the clinic.

Chris, the lush that he is, celebrated the successful retrieval day with one of the beers that Candace gave to him in his IVF Survival Kit. Delicious and well worth the wait! 3 months without drinking was erased with one fantastic bottle. I still drool a little every time I think of that beer. 


  1. That story (with photos too!) was very entertaining...well...minus the crazy amount of hope and anxiety riding on it. I dont know you guys, but I think its WONDERFUL you can take what can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions and turn it into something positive. I like how i can 'hear' you two talk as I read. Youre both SO right...positivity can make a huge differene. Ive got all my fingers and toes crossed for you guys. Please keep updating us!

    1. Lynn,
      Thank you for following our crazy antics of infertility!It is so rewarding to know we are able to help others or at least share our journey and provide a little entertainment along the way. Positivity can be a mystical purple unicorn in these types of situations. Somedays we have to dig a little deeper than others. I have thrown some raging pity parties. Aftwerwards,I get over the hangover and push on. Keeping positive is the key of getting through lifes curve balls.

  2. Okay....words cannot express the elated hilariousness of this post...I want to be your kid!!!! Just adopt me! SUPERHERO SOCKS!?!? CUPCAKES?!?! Candace...I love you! Cheers to you guys and I am so inspired by your drive, spirit and humor! I'll be pulling for you guys and thanks so much for this incredible story early this morning! Mwa! Give Chris our love too! (better watch those boxer shorts though...Paul could use the power of positive thinking too)

    1. Thank you following our blog of heartbreak and hilarity! We would be happy to adopt you but I think Paul may take issue to that. As for the boxers, I am going to keep them out of all future quarry situations to avoid any mix-ups :)

  3. Just found your blog through twitter and have to say you guys are the cutest couple ever! Wishing you all the best on this cycle!!

  4. You guys are amazing!