Monday, December 17, 2012

Egg-xcellent Cookies

Want to know what doesn’t suck about our infertility journey? Our clinic. Seriously they are awesome, passionate, nurturing.. you get the point. Now, I am not writing this because some of them read my blog and I am secretly hoping to get a BOGO deal on this whole IVF thing.. no not me. But seriously Buy 6 transfers get one free? hint hint. In true C&C fashion, it was our FET transfer eve’s eve and we did what any infertile couple would do. Invite friends over and make sperm and egg shaped cookies for our clinic. NO? Not something you would do?
So how do you decorate for that?
Yep, where there is a will there is a way and apparently my local party store had a lack luster sperm and egg cookie decorating party section. So I hung sperm cut outs from my chandler, had sperm shapes taped everywhere with slightly inappropriate sayings on it. For example, the one stuck to the door bell had written on it “DING DONG” another said “Maybe I should have made that left turn at Albuquerque”. We had a ton of fun with it. We even made goodie bags for all of our friends! I put a bag together with Wendy’s Frosty coupons in it since we were transferring frozen embryos or as I like to call them “Frosties” and had a little sperm shaped gift tag that said, “Thanks for coming!” I know this is slightly inappropriate, but what the hell if we are all sitting around making cookies in the shape of male sperm and fried eggs then I figure not much is taboo at this point.
We have great friends!
Chris and I started out this journey alone. We felt isolated, ashamed and inadequate. It is already embarrassing enough to have all of your intimate life put under a microscope (literally) by our doctors, but to have all of your friends and family find out you are infertile, yep that was not going to happen. HA my oh my how 6 years of infertility woes will change your mindset. It was a great feeling to feel supported. Our friends were spending their time with us, slaving away in our cookie sweat shop making cookies so they could show us they care and they were wishing on a baby right along with us. We were going into our last FET surrounded by support and as far as possible from that feeling of loneliness we felt when we began our path to parenthood.
With out further ado, here are our FET cookies. Much thanks to our “Village” for all of your help, we love you all! Not to mention everyone knows that “Sperm and Egg Cookie Decorating Party Extravaganza” is a bucket list item for most folks. Glad we could make so many dreams come true.

Sorry ladies, these men are all taken.  All three were in aprons too! Not seen in this picture, Chris's apron was a wrap around the waist kind. The guys pitched in and helped bake the cookies for the cause!  Is it me or is this kitchen getting hotter? {fanning face}

This is called "flooding" cookies. It looks fancy but it is pretty easy.

We all had a blast, really some great jokes came out of this party.

Our cookie making sweatshop.

Come on fellas, this egg isn't going to fertilize itself! Notice the one that looks like a whale? We like to refer to that as morphology issues.

This is Rach and Lindz showing off their works of art.

Secret ingrediant... LOVE spice! Two boxes sealed and ready to drop off at the clinic for transfer day.


  1. Best of luck for your transfer. Hope all goes well and you'll end up with a lovely baby. Great cookies, I want to make some too!
    Candace & Chris, you make me smile every time I read you blog. Your positivity is wonderful and you inspire many people like me I am sure. I can't believe I am typing this but I literally just ordered superman and wonderwoman socks, just because it's such a hilarious idea and might just shift to focus for us too with our first round of IVF. Thank you!

  2. That is so awesome you bought some superhero socks! You HAVE to send me a message to let me know how they turned out for your IVF round! The staff got such a kick out of it, I assure you they will be a big hit. Here is where we got the cookie cutter
    Also, there is an amazing cookie decorating blog called Bake at 350 where she does step by step how to "flood" cookies.