Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Oven is Pre-Heated

For all of our other transfers, we knew the dates, we knew the times, and still it seemed that the date was so far away.  The whole looking at the clock as it was moving backwards thing.  With this transfer though, it seemed like our surrogate started her meds, we sneezed, and it was transfer day.  I think our surro quickly realized that we make a big deal out of our transfer days.  Remember, we had only two frozen blastocysts that we prayed would survive the thaw, or at least one would.  With all of this anxiousness and build up, and in true C&C fashion, here's how our surro transfer day unfolded.
Since we are putting our 'buns' in her 'oven,' we decided to roll with that theme.  Literally, we made cinnamon bun cupcakes.  Disclaimer: we cheated!  We didn't make our own icing.
Now ... we have our buns but no bun holders.  Never fear, with theme in hand, we found a really cool site on Etsy that had retro oven templates.  Claudine not only has a video to watch to see how to put the oven together from the template, but she has some other cool stuff in her store as well.
Next step, we need to wear something for the transfer.  For those that have been following us for a while, you know that normal clothing simply will  not suffice.  You know what this situation needs, some tacky-slightly offensive statements made at a mall t-shirt mod store.  Mind you, our surro got to choose which of the 3 statements she wanted on her shirt.  Here are our witty statements: "Sometimes it takes 3 to Tango" worn by Chris, "Our Bun, Her Oven" worn by Candace, "My Threesome was Crazier than Yours" worn by Super Surro.
We have food, we have shirts, now we need surro.  At zero-dark 30 in the morning we picked her up, made a mad dash to Dunkin Donuts for some tasty pre-transfer breakfast, then off to our clinic we go.  It would be a great story if there were accidents to re-route around, ninjas to swerve by, and a high speed chase ending with us there with 2 seconds to spare.  Alas, the trip was uneventful. (Chris sighs)  We were beeped in and went to the retrieval/transfer ward.  Then, we all got redressed, surro in her hospital gown and us in our sexy bunny suit.  Not to leave anything out of being thematic, we got this pin for our surro.  Cafe Press has just about anything you could think of for any occasion, including surrogacy and IVF transfers.
This was Candace's first time in the bunny suit, first time to not have to cautiously drink water, first time to not be in the stirrups with lady bits exposed to the crowd.  It felt bizarre being on the other side.  Stirrups is all Candace knew.  Equally, or most likely more, awkward was that our surro would be filling the whole water drinking, leg spreading, audience viewing of lady bits thing.  Just so know, the proper attire for baking baby-style ...
We always buy pins or magnets for the embryologists, which you can also find at CafĂ© Press.  After all, they are our first baby sitters and no, they don't take payment in Trident Layers ... we tried.  But they are behind the scenes.  We don't see the sperm sorting, egg collection, ultra precise sperm injection, cryo freezing ... you get the idea.  Anyway, they do tons of stuff and we always get them some little something to say thank you. 
Well, the time had come.  Our surro drank her water, we shuffled around with anticipation of this uber-important moment overflowing.  Finally, they wheeled her back and we scurried behind wanting to not miss a second of what we hoped would be a memorable morning for more positive reasons than the previous transfers.  Best news of the day, both of our blastocysts survived!  That means we had two bites at the apple.  Who's lucky, these folks (us)!  Right before the embryologists put the blastocysts in the catheter for transfer to our surro, they put them under a microscope connected to a tv in the transfer room.  So, without further adieus, we present to you what we hope is our first baby(ies) picture:
Now, the two week wait starts.  CRAP!  How are we going to remain sane through all of this? 
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  1. How exciting!!! Everything is crossed for you!!

  2. Good luck guys...we will be thinking of you and praying! -The Fizzanos

  3. I have to admit I got nauseous reading this last post. Im so excited nervous and anxious for you ALL...all THREE of you! I love that you put 100% in for not only your amazing surro but for the team you trust with your future children. Who DOESNT love sperm cookies???! :)
    Im hoping and praying this is it. I don't know a ton of people who deserve it more than you too. If I didn't live 10 states away Id be giving you a real hug, but a virtual one will have to do. Keep us in the loop as you see fit. You've got ALOT of interweb friends rooting for you. XOXO

  4. I now have my DH fully invested in your story along side me! We are sending positive vibes, prayers, sticky bean dust.... you name it we are sending it your way!
    My fingers, toes, eyes.....and to my DHs dismay... even my legs are crossed for you! ALL OF YOU!