Tuesday, January 7, 2014

F. U. Uterus Party

Chris:  Cliché alert ... ever heard that saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?"  We said to hell with that!  Life seems to have given us plenty of lemons and Candace and I are tired of having sour pucker Renee Zellweger face.  So, when life decided to throw us its latest citrus onslaught, Candace's pending hysterectomy, we decided to take those lemons and make lemon drops.  Not really lemon drops, but we decided to throw a party in honor of Candace and as a middle finger to her unruly uterus.  Besides, if you are faced with something daunting you can either cower in a dark corner or you can grab all of your closest friends and family and stare that life obstacle down.  As you can see below, we chose the latter ... enjoy!

Candace was given a tampon corsage ... what a lucky lady!  BTW, if you are interested in getting one of these for any special occasion, send us an e-mail.  Our very talented friend is selling them on Etsy!

 Red mustaches to get into the F. U. Uterus spirit!
As if we needed a reason to party down.  But, it is always good to have an excuse right?
Who is interested in playing a slightly dangerous game involving darts and adult beverages?  We called it "Danger Kings" and Candace had to throw darts to pop the balloons.  Great way to work out some pre-surgery aggression. 
The centerpiece of the party had to be the uterus piñata.  Filled with red candy, we all cheered Candace on as she got the final word on what she thought about her mistempered uterus.  Check out this video ...

Candace: Secret is out. I have a bit of a rage issue towards my broken uterus. As seen in the above Youtube video. I have to admit though,  IT.FELT.GOOD. I totally had a chance to rage out on a organ that has failed me. More so I had my friends there to support me before I was about to let go of my womb and any possible cancer in my future. There are just no words. So I will keep it simple. We have had many pitfalls and heartache in our path to parenthood, but one thing is for certain we could not do this alone and our inner circle of friends and family are what keep us moving forward. More notably, Chris was the brainchild of this party. He knows I am suffering emotionally, but could not assign tears to what I was about to go through. I was scared and I needed something positive. He delivered, and I had a blast celebrating something many would be devastated about.
Our next post will cover the To-Do list and some damn good tips I received before my uterus eviction from a fellow "hyster-sister" and a good friend of mine.  Yes the phrase "hyster-sister is a new term of endearment and now a new induction to the hysterectomy sorority I am now apart of. (If you have not checked out this blog... you really should. She is also going through surrogacy and a great blog-friend of mine.  Love ya Fox!)
I will now leave you with a "Good Things About a Hysterectomy" that was read to me, and written by my dear talented, thoughtful, and very creative friend. Thank you-Casey
"Good Things About a Hysterectomy"

First things first Chris won't have to ever make emergency trips to the store for tampons or pads anymore.
You don't have to worry about wearing your bad underwear or shall we say granny panties on period days.
You don't have to worry about your period falling on those special weekends or holidays, you guys can get it on now any day of the month (no excuses).
You will never have that uncomfortable "damn that tampon feels weird".
Or those days when you get to work and "crap I forgot to put a tampon in".
Although I can't say you won't be moody anymore, Chris won't be able to time it with your cycle he can't say "are you getting ready to start your period?".
Your hormone changes will be crazy but possibly quite infrequent compared to that of the monthly period.
You will only cry when you really mean it and people will really piss you off for real and you don't have to apologize for it.
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  1. So glad you were able to celebrate this new chapter in your life.

    1. Thank you Rebecca. Like so many things in life it seems that sometimes it is easier to just have family and friends over, play music, get a little irresponsible, and when you wake up the next morning keep on looking forward.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!!! I am still so jealous of that piñata!

    1. That piñata didn't stand a chance against Candace's IF rage!

  3. You need to tell me about these things so I can fly in for them! I could totally use a mini vaca (after just shoveling 2 more inches of snow!!!!) As usual...turning lemons into lemonade...but I<M not sure what type of beverage you could make a Ute into? (shudder). Im also glad to see youre a bit angry about the shitty deal your reproductive organs got. Its not fair, and youre totally justified in being a little pissed...and more than a little pissed too. I cannot imagine years of feeling confused as to why MY uterus seemed to have a hex on it :( You are strong Candace. One of the strongest people Im proud to 'know'.

    1. Lynn, we would have been happy to have you here for the fiesta. I (Chris) can say that it has been very interesting watching Candace grieve about losing her uterus. It has come in stages and sometimes been totally out of the blue. Before the surgery and even right after, she didn't seem to be too affected by everything. But as she has been recovering and we have been watching our little jelly bean grow inside someone else, it seems that she is struck with a hammer to the face reminder that she doesn't have a uterus, much less a working one. I agree with you that Candace is strong. I am ceaselessly proud of everything that she has done and the miles she has ran to bring us our family. Without her, we would not even have a surrogate and who knows where we would be in building our family!